Agents of Change

Our Partners

Agents of Change is proud to have partnered with some of the very best service and empowerment organizations in the Bay Area. Here are some of the partners we have had the pleasure of working with over the last year.

  • JW House


    JW House is a “home away from home,” providing thousands of families lodging and basic services when their family members are in the hospital. Each month, Agents are invited to cook food for the residents of the JW House. Our Agents share that their favorite memories at JW house have been interacting with the families at JW House and hearing their stories.

  • Maitri


    Maitri works to raise awareness about domestic violence in communities across the Bay Area. The Fighting Discrimination committee has worked with Maitri on projects ranging from a summit to raise awareness around domestic violence to a social media campaign working against toxic masculinity.

  • Boys and Girls Club of Silicon Valley


    The Boys and Girls Club gives children a place to come together and collaborate on projects and fun activities. Agents of Change has worked with the Boys and Girls Club to plan some of those activities. In 2017, AoC planned a series of activities for the Boys and Girls Club’s Spring Fest. In addition, the Boys and Girls Club hosted our Future Female Athletes event.

  • Sunday Friends


    Sunday Friends is an organization that works to provide support for families who are struggling to access resources. Their motto is that children and parents should work together to learn, earn, and serve the committee. Agents of Change has partnered with Sunday Friends to help families break the cycle of poverty by encouraging positive development in children though activities, games and bondings.